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Kiss & Make-Up Day

Photo by Ryan Young on Unsplash

This day kind of reminds me of Get out of the doghouse day - lol! But maybe kiss and make-up day can be all about forgiveness. Or maybe we want a reason to kiss and make-up because it can be a lot of fun depending on who it's with - lol! It could be a child giving their mom or dad a kiss to say I'm sorry. Or a boyfriend or girlfriend trying to make it up to you for something they did wrong, hopefully something easily forgivable. Or maybe a husband and wife enjoys bantering just to be able to kiss and make-up. Maybe today is just a thing to push those who may not be very good at admitting they're wrong or asking for forgiveness.

Do you have a favorite scene in a book where the characters kiss and make-up? For me, there are so many good ones, how do I choose just one? Of course there's the popular Edward and Bella, Katniss and Peeta, Kiera and Kellan Kyle, Rush and Blaire, Avery and Cameron, Jocelyn and Braden, any of the Maddox men...or we could go the classic route and there's Eliabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, Gatsby and Daisy...the list could go on and on... Thinking of my own books I have many, but since it is summer, what about a certain reunion in "The Unforgettable Summer"? I'd love to hear some of your favorites!

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