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I have pursued every book in The Unforgettable Series and have adored every one more than the following...Nikki's books grab my attention quickly and I can't put them down...I enjoyed how the author plotted the storyline so well without putting any extra burden on the character to relate with the past books of the series...I highly recommend this one!

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Unforgettable Memories
Award Winning Novel
The Unforgettable Series #4
2nd Edition

Theresa Emory moves closer to her family after a life-changing accident. She remains confident most of the time, but she can't seem to get sexy bad boy Jax Stevens to give her a chance. Her determination drives her to go after what she wants, including Jax.

Jax insists Theresa and him are only friends, but staying away from her is so much harder than he ever imagined. With his haunting past altering his entire future, he doesn't believe he can be with someone as wonderful as Theresa. Music and circumstances soon pushes them to spend more time together, but will it be enough?

Will Theresa's unrelenting need to get to know Jax break down his walls and bring them closer together, or will the truth of his past tear them apart?

2024 Firebird Book Awards

2nd in Romance

2nd in New Adult Fiction

Unforgettable Memories

Thank you to friend, actor and athlete, Paulie Calafiore for portraying Jax in Unforgettable Memories.

Follow him on Instagram @paulcalafiore_

Thank you to Blood Hill Records for creating the Music for this trailer. Contact me for more information.

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