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Home Duet Book 2

 Passion ~ Romance ~ Drama! It's all Here!

The story pulls you in. You feel like you're there, and feeling all the emotions that the characters are feeling. Love this book!

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Finding Home
The home Duet #2

Samantha and Brady fell in love hard and fast when Brady helped Sam navigate the emotional ups and downs of discovering where she came from. Now that she has some of her questions answered, she's ready to figure out where she fits in and what she wants to do with her life. She continues to learn about her history and adapt to her new life, searching for a place she can call home. She explores new experiences, hoping to find her passion in life beyond her love for Brady. Past insecurities resurface, causing Sam to become determined to prove her inner-strength and independence to everyone around her; although she may be the only one who doesn't see it's already there. She keeps pushing towards her unknown future and questions if her relationship with Brady might be holding either of them back. Will she push him away or fight for them to be together?

Brady always thought running his family restaurant was the last thing he wanted, but with college graduation approaching, it's time to make a decision. New projects, new ideas and a new outlook help him see things differently, but is his new vision what he really wants? Or is it time for him to move on, leaving Samantha behind?

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