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The Unforgettable One
The Unforgettable Series #5
2nd Edition

Sadie admits that life hasn't turned out the way she wanted and definitely not the way her parents planned for her, but even after so much loss and so many things she would do differently, she could never regret her miracle, her reason for moving forward every day. Will that always be enough?

Matt Emory finally makes the decision to move close to his family to a place he's been avoiding for years, not because of them, but because of her. What will happen when their paths cross again? Will this be their second chance at love or heartbreak? Or maybe just their chance for redemption?

...Since the first day of reading the first book in this series, I had drawn great interest towards it and I must admit, it's all worth it. 

With an overwhelming plot and well-connected narration, the author utters out the various emotions of the people in love and the essence of romance and respect. The character development in this book is beautifully done. I would definitely recommend this book...Take a step to read amazing love stories by Nikki A. Lamers.

Highly appreciable work!

Garima Book Blogger

The Unforgettable One

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