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Happy Friendship Day

This reminds me of what it's like to just hang out with one of your friends and just be. You know the kind of friend who you can share all of your secrets with and who you would do almost anything for you? The kind of friend you can laugh and cry with and feel safe and comfortable in doing just that. The kind of friend who will support you and love you on your good days and bad. The kind of friend you can always trust and who is always there for you even when they can't physically be there. Maybe it's someone you've known forever and maybe it's someone you just met or maybe it's both. Whomever that friend (or friends) is (are) to you, celebrate them this week.

For me I have the friends that I grew up with that are never far from my heart. Some were teammates, some classmates, some work friends and some neighbors. I may not be able to see any of them very often, but I think of you all the time. Then of course there's my friends from college and all the wonderful memories we shared over the years. There's friends from different jobs I've had or places I've lived and friends met through family or other friends. No matter where you are now, know that I'm thinking of you and I'm grateful for our friendship and still cherish it!

Do you have a favorite book friendship? I love so many, but one is Abby and America in "Beautiful Disaster" or the close friendships in many of Abbi Glines books. One of my favorite book friendships in my own books is with Bree and Blake in The Unforgettable Series. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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