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Before becoming an award winning author, Nikki grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and went to college at one of the University of Wisconsin campuses.  She moved to Florida for an internship where she worked at the "happiest place on earth" for a few years and also where she met her husband.  They moved to New York where she now lives with her husband and their two children.  She has always loved to write and create stories, as well as curl up with a good book.


Since meeting her husband, they enjoy spending time in Maine every year, the inspiration for The Unforgettable Series.  Her first romance book, The Unforgettable Summer, was self-published on Amazon on July 16, 2014.  With it's rerelease in 2022, with a new cover and new content, the novel won The Firebird Award in four categories and is up for more. Now with six books in The Unforgettable Series, you have the chance to fall in love with the characters just like Nikki!


Dreams Lost and Found and Finding Home are both part of the Home Duet. This duet veers off to a new location in the midwest with all new characters she's thrilled for you to meet. Her life experiences from being adopted are the inspiration for this story of love, loss, family, friendship and finding out what home means to you.


She is also working on other books, in a few different directions.  She'll share more with you as the stories progress.

Nikki loves exploring different places and meeting new people where she's always looking for new inspiration for her next story.  She is thrilled to say she's a romance author and hopes you enjoy her books as much as she does writing them.  Don't forget to put her books on your must read romance books list!  Happy Reading!

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