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The romance calendar declares the month of August is the perfect month to declare you're happy. For obvious reasons, declaring you're happy is an individual thing. Depending on what's going on in your life and how it's affecting you, being happy is subjective. Your perspective or outlook on something affects your happiness. There are those people that can always come up with a reason to be happy. Of course we know others at the opposite end of the spectrum as well - lol. For today though, I challenge all of you to find at least one reason to be happy and focus on that. I'd love to hear some of your reasons too! You never know someone's reason(s) and hearing someone else's reasons for being happy could be very inspirational. Sometimes we all need a little inspiration!

Of course, there are times being happy is easier said than done. You could be dealing with poor health or even death of a family member or close friend. Maybe you're going through a bad break-up or dealing with a bully (unfortunately bullies can be any age). Maybe you were just fired, passed over for a promotion or can't find a job. Maybe it's problems with money, family or friends. Maybe it's issues with school, sports, teachers/professors, boss, or child. Or maybe you're just having a bad day, like when I broke my finger last week and now simple things are no longer easy and typing is a grueling process - lol! My favorite way to escape from whatever is bringing me down is getting lost in a story. Sometimes the story is one I'm creating, while other times it's reading someone else's book.

Then again, it could be really simple for you to declare your happiness at the moment. Maybe you just won a game or competition, started a new job you love, began dating your crush, or married the love of your life. Or maybe it's a smile from someone special, the smell of the flowers or the beauty of the sunrise/sunset. Maybe it's spending time with someone special, going to a party or having time by yourself. Maybe it's dinner with a friend or a good book. Maybe it's a compliment, a good grade, or a good report at work. The possibilities are endless!

Following the ups and downs of characters in books is what keeps me reading and writing. I keep pushing through, wanting to read or write more to find out what happens and hoping for that "Happy Ending". Even when I'm writing I feel like the characters are telling me their story and pushing me in a certain direction. Like in "The Unforgettable Series" each character followed a different path of ups and downs, all searching for their own happy ending. Like Blake in "Unforgettable Nights", or like Matt, or Sadie in "The Unforgettable One", you may think your happiness is down one path, but then life takes you in a completely different direction. No matter what the path, I love watching characters find their happy.

Love and pride for my family is my simple answer to declaring my happiness. Another simple answer for me is being able to do what I love and write romance! I'm really excited for my next book to come out! So I'll repeat, what's your happiness declaration?

And in addition - I want to wish my Dad a Happy Birthday in heaven. Every rainbow reminds me of him and brings a smile to my face.

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