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This is a temporary cover. Watch here for the real cover to be shared here first! The book will release in 2023!

Breaking Cycles
The Unforgettable Series Spin-off!

Grant Young has been running from his nightmares for years, never getting too close to anyone, especially women, for fear of them attempting to dig into his troubled past. If anyone tries to get too close, he takes it as his queue to move on to new people and new places. But when an accident unexpectedly forces him to stay in one spot, will he continue to hide, or will he finally let go of his past and open himself up to a future?

Gabriella Howard spent most of her childhood in and out of hospitals and doctors' offices. She feels smothered by her overprotective parents and siblings, constantly fighting for independence and control of her life, but she will make sure she doesn't regret a moment of it! After witnessing an accident, she feels drawn to the sexy stranger and wants to do everything she can to help him, but could it be something more than attraction?

Grant and Ella have completely different outlooks on life, but will they give themselves a chance to truly live it, together or apart?

Coming Soon...


Author Jessica Lou of "Alex"


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