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October 10th

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A Glimpse into the Photo Shoot for Breaking Cycles...


Breaking Cycles
Mending Shattered Hearts #1

Indulge in a steamy contemporary romance that will ignite your hopes for the ultimate happily ever after of a bad boy and a good girl. 


Over a decade ago, motorcycle mechanic Grant Young made a daring escape, fully convinced he’d never look back. A shadowed history propelled him into the abyss, ensuring he mastered the art of detachment. However, destiny takes an unforeseen turn when Ella, a stunning, intelligent, and courageous woman, steps in to rescue him from the aftermath of a catastrophic accident. 


 Ella’s compassion and strength force Grant to reevaluate his perceptions about life and love. She becomes the catalyst for him to confront his past and embrace the unfamiliar territory of vulnerability. Can Grant break the cycle of self-destructive patterns and embrace the possibility of something more? 


Breaking Cycles is a captivating romance transcending the boundaries between a wayward rebel and a virtuous spirit. Navigating trials, heartaches, and moments of elation, the journey of Grant and Ella unfolds as a poignant quest for redemption and love. The burning question lingers: Will Grant overcome his past and find happiness with Ella, or will his demons keep him running? Immerse yourself in Nikki A Lamers’ enthralling masterpiece to uncover the destiny that awaits.

Redone Copy of Mending Shattered Hearts (2500 × 2500 px).png

GRANTTTTT YOUNG. Omg if he isn't the most attractive MMC I've ever read.
This book was absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed the banter between Grant and Ella. Watching Grant and Ella navigate through their relationship with two completely different minds and two other end goals is entertaining,
I loved the writing style Nikki used to tell the story it was engaging and made me feel a part of their world...

- Lexi F, NetGalley Review

Vinny portrayed Grant perfectly...


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