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Sam and Brady stole my heart! I was instantly hooked! The cast of characters were so likable and relatable and I loved all their interactions. The jokes and the flirtation had me smiling and giggling throughout. This book has got it all. The feels, the heat, and the twists. I felt like I was right there with these characters, and I can’t get enough of them. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, and I really hope we get to hear more about Ryan, Cory, and Cody!

Busy Mom of 2 Amazon Review

Dreams Lost and Found
The Home Duet #1

Samantha Voss loses herself after the death of her adoptive parents. She leaves college and moves home, craving something familiar, but soon finds change is what she really wants. She searches for her birth parents in hopes of finding out more about where she came from. She finds unexpected answers with unending questions. She makes a spontaneous decision to move to a small town in Wisconsin in search of more answers.

When she pulls up to her new apartment, she finds support from a sexy stranger, Brady Williams, who takes her breath away. When Samantha is unable to keep him in the friend zone, she decides he might be a good distraction from what she's really there to do. But when everything finally seems to be falling in to place for her, will reality be too much for Samantha and Brady to handle together? Or will their new reality tear them apart?

The Home Duet

Thank you to friend & actor,

Ashley Brinkman

for portraying Samantha in

The Home Duet,


Dreams Lost and Found


Finding Home

Follow her on Instagram @Ashley_brinkman

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