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I have read all 3 books in this series and have loved all of them. Great story lines, captivating. Couldn't put them down until it was done. I can't wait for the next book. I'm sure I'll finish it in a day.

Nancy, Amazon Review

2023 Firebird Book Award Winner

2nd for Contemporary Novel

2nd for Series

Unforgettable Dreams
Award Winning Novel
The Unforgettable Series #3
2nd Edition

Outgoing and happy on the outside, Sara attempts to find her own way. When she started college she thought she finally freed herself from the nightmares of her family and her past, only to be constantly pulled back. She believes she's plain and undeserving of her own happily ever after. Until she meets gorgeous Jason Emory. He has a way of making her laugh and bringing a smile to her face, giving her a glimpse of hope.

Jason always felt obligated to follow in his father's footsteps and live up to his expectations, but trying to be someone he's not pushed him to make mistakes in his past. He moves closer to family to help and give himself a fresh start. When he sees Sara for the first time, he knows instantly he'll do everything he can to protect her.

Will Jason be able to help Sara find her happy ending with him? Or will their pasts hold them back and become their reality?

Unforgettable Dreams

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