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A day well spent on a love story with a beautiful plot. This is book-6 of the unforgettable series, which my heart is admiring right now.
It's a fabulous novel. Major portion of the book has an interesting story with a very emotional touch. I connected with the characters in a quick shift, and it's covering some real life issues, sacrifices, and a journey of two lovely friends...Begin...with a beautiful story, recommended for those who understand what love is all about.

- Amazon Review

Unforgettable Mistakes
The Unforgettable Series #6
2nd Edition

Amy used to be the life of the party, now that she graduated from college and it's time for the "rest of her life" to begin, she's not sure who she is or where she fits in. Her family life has never really been what it seems. She's always been daddy's little girl, but now she struggles to live up to both her parents' expectations. Then again, she has a talent for pretending. Her parents have an idea of not only the kind of job she should have, but also the type of man she should marry, so she dates what they see as the perfect man for her and has fun with the men she wants. There's one man who has been a constant in her life. He's always there for her in any way she's wanted or needed and he's one of her best friends, Matt Young. They've always had the perfect arrangement, so what's changed? Does Amy deserve her happily ever after? Will she get it?

Matt has never been shy when it comes to women. He's had several girlfriends, slept around when he wanted and doesn't have a care in the world. At least that's how most of his friends see him, even Amy, but he's always been a big romantic at heart. He began falling for Amy many times over the years, but she always insisted they weren't serious. So, he did what he had to do and faked it. He took the parts of her she was willing to share with him. He would always be there to help her, and he'd keep doing it as long as she's safe.

Now that their friends are all getting married and even starting families of their own, Matt is ready to start his own future. Will he take his chance with Amy or decide it's time to move on? Will Amy go against her parents' wishes? Will she realize she's had what she needed all along, before it's too late?

This book is a stand-alone novel, but better read in order.

Unforgettable Mistakes

Thank you to actor,

Allison Mullaney

for portraying young Amy in Unforgettable Mistakes.

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