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Get Out of the Doghouse Day

Yes, "Get Out of the Doghouse Day" does exist and it's today! Now if that doesn't fit into relationships and Romance books, I don't know what does! Now of course there's different levels of Getting out of the Doghouse. What I mean is how bad is it? Did you do something that you can actually work on digging yourself out of? Or maybe it was so bad that it was completely unforgivable to that person, like cheating or abuse? If they're in a position to try to get out of the doghouse, then I love to see how different characters work for it, man or woman. Is it something common like flowers or something unique, something that fits the character or relationship perfectly? And are they forgiven too easily or not forgiven easily enough?

Of course when I'm reading a romance novel, sometimes the answers to those questions lead to happiness, while others lead to heartbreak or devastation and sometimes even both. I think one of the books that I still struggle to get over is Molly McAdams "Taking Chances". I don't think I can talk about it though without giving anything away - sorry! Of course some are much better at it than others, which isn't always a good thing. Like the times I'm praying they won't go back to someone or when I hope that they do. In books like "The Perfect Game" by J Sterling, "Thoughtless" by S.C. Stephens, "Crash" by Nicole Williams I would continue to root for them to be together. I love getting lost in those stories!

Of course, stepping out of your comfort zone to do something for the person you love that you know they would appreciate is probably one of my favorite ways to see someone get themselves out of the doghouse. The best part about this way - it's personal! Nearly every single time it's different, even if it's something small. I love to find the personal touch when the character is genuinely sorry. This is both for books I'm reading or writing (as well as in reality - lol). When I'm writing I really have to know who the character is to figure out what they would do in each situation. I look at that in my initial character development, but also in what happens to them and how they react in each situation. Every single thing turns them into who they are and who they will be. I continuously remind myself how different everyone can react in different scenarios and play them out in my head to better understand a character. I figure if I don't understand them, how will you?

So for today, if you're waiting for your apology, maybe try to put yourself in their shoes, but if it's your turn to try to get out of the dog house, get to work! Good luck!

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