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I was on my way home from dropping my son off at the movies when the song, "All In" by Lifehouse came on the radio. I love that song. Anyone remember which one of my books that song is in? I love when a song reminds me of a book or certain characters and even a specific part in a book. It doesn't have to be my books, I just like the connection of the characters and their stories using music as well as the book itself of course!

For me music is part of life in so many ways. Music is a great way to make memories more vivid and full of life. When I'm writing, I love being able to find the perfect song for a character or part of the story. It could be the connection to something as simple as a first date, first dance, or first kiss; They could hear it in their bedroom, at work or in their car; They could be listening to it in the car, on a phone or at a concert; They could even be singing it or have it sung to them. (Many of these things happen in one or another of my books. No matter what the case I think music helps make the memory stronger for the characters and hopefully for the readers too! I know it always does for me.

I also love thinking about what kind of music the character would listen to when I'm developing the different characters. I do see a lot of my own music tastes in my writing, but it's hard not to. I do like a huge variety of music though, so hopefully that helps!

Then of course there's the situations that require a certain type of song. I have a list of songs that I'm always adding to, but I break them up into different categories. Of course there's party songs, fun songs, falling in love songs, songs about friendship, songs about your own strength, break-up songs, broken-heart songs, songs about pain or loss, second-chance songs, deep in love songs, forever love songs, wedding songs and so many more. I don't only add to the list, I sometimes add categories too!

Have you figured it out yet? "All In" was in a very important part of "Unforgettable Memories" (The Unforgettable Series #4) as part of Theresa and Jax's story. Talking about the music makes me want to go back and read it over again - lol! For those of you who are interested in the music in the books, I do have a playlist for books 1-5 in The Unforgettable Series at the end of "The Unforgettable One".

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