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If you haven't figured it out already I like to keep track of special days. As a romance author the calendar is quite different than others you may see, but they are also a lot of fun! Throughout the year you may find out about unique days of love you may have never heard of and some you have. So in the whole month of June, we get to celebrate the flower of love ~ the rose. Although my list of favorite flowers can sometimes be long, I do love roses. I remember my dad always buying my mom yellow roses, those were her favorite. Do you have a favorite flower? Or maybe a favorite you like receiving like when Jason gave Sara wildflowers in "Unforgettable Dreams"? Or the flowers at the wedding in "The Unforgettable One?" (I don't want to give away who gets married in case you haven't gotten that far yet!) Do you like to give or receive flowers? Or are you one who doesn't like flowers for one reason or another.

I missed Join Hands Day which was the first Saturday of the month, a necessity when it comes to love. I spent it with my daughter at her dance recital, so I didn't completely miss it - lol. In "The Unforgettable Series" there is plenty of time for joining hands in love, comfort, support, encouragement, friendship and even something simple like attraction! There's definitely a lot of that in whatever I'm reading or writing, but the best of that is experiencing that in life.

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