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Poetry Day

Lyrics are probably my favorite kind of poetry. If you ask me my favorite song or even artist, I don't know if I can answer that because that's constantly changing depending on my mood or circumstances. I have to admit, I do like nearly all kinds of music, but not quite. Some people may not consider lyrics poetry, but I do. For me (and for most of my books), music and lyrics are poems that are a part of every day life. Like in "Unforgettable Memories", Jax and Theresa explore music a little deeper and find music bringing them closer.

My dad used to make up simple "Roses are Red" poems for so many different reasons. Sometimes it would be a poem to make us smile, or to tell us how much he loves us, or to give us an ridiculous hint of a gift or surprise we were anticipating (one we rarely figured out), or to wish us good luck in a race and sometimes, for no reason at all, but I loved every single one of his silly poems.

I remember when I was in Junior High and we had to memorize poems by famous poets and recite them. I honestly couldn't tell you anything about the poem I memorized, but I still remember one of my best friend's poems. She had chosen "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carol and since I tend to choose poems about things like love, friendship, life and even loss, this was quite different for me, but made an impact at the time. Then again, just as I'm drawn to different kinds of books at various times in my life, different poetry pulls me in for the same reasons.

I've always enjoyed classic poets like Elizabeth Barrett Browning, such as the popular, "How Do I Love Thee" or Emily Dickinson's, "If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking". But I admit I'm intrigued by poems such as "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe. I think more than anything, my favorites are the ones my kids write for me.

My favorite book with poetry is not a poetry book at all, but a romance novel. With my love of reading and writing romance, that should be no surprise! I love Colleen Hoover's book, "Slammed". The moment I began reading about Will and Lake, I couldn't put it down. So for Poetry Day, I think it may be time to reread this one!

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